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Your dog's wellbeing is at the heart of all the training we provide and always will be.

We believe training should be fun, for both you and your dog. 

At All Creatures Pet Care & Training we use force-free methods, relying on positive reinforcement to strengthen the bond you have with your dog as we work through whatever problems you'd like help with.

We don't do quick fixes but we will empower you with the skills to change your dog's life, making them calmer, more confident, and more resilient.

Get in touch with us today on

07592 302112 to discuss your training needs.

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  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Level 4 Accreditation - Consultations, Foundations and Functions of Behaviour

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - 4 Day Practical Instructor

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Membership Assessment

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Funk Up Your Classes

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - 1 Day Separation Anxiety

  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - The Exercises: Foundations to Advanced

  • Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Foundations

  • Canine Principles - Canine Calmness

  • Canine Principles - Resource Guarding

  • Canine Principles - Canine Compulsive Disorder

  • Canine Principles - Tellington TTouch for Calming

  • Canine Principles - New Puppy Consultation

  • Canine Principles - Trust After Trauma

  • Grisha Stewart - How Solid Is Your Foundation? Essential Dog Training Skills & Theory

  • Grisha Stewart - Talk With Me! BAT Empowerment 1

  • Grisha Stewart - Walk With Me! BAT Empowerment 2

  • Grisha Stewart - Problem Prevention in Puppies and Dogs: an Empowered Approach to Life with Dogs. BAT Empowerment 3

  • Absolute Dogs - The 25 Day Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge

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