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Puppy Progress!

It's been a while since my last blog post - life has been pretty busy with lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes.

I wanted to create a post for some of the younger pups that I walk and the recent progress they've made with us. Group walks will not be the right fit for every dog and groups are NOT a substitute for training, but they can go a long way in helping dogs build their confidence and recall!


Dash has been with us for two months now and the progress he's made has been incredible! Apart from being ridiculously handsome, he's a gentle giant and quite a sensitive boy. To start with he was quite nervous of other dogs, especially if they were a bit boisterous and he would sometimes worry if other dogs approached us on a walk, but now he's really come out of his shell. Dash is a very bouncy, playful dog who will vocalise the whole time he's playing and it makes me laugh every time to see him enjoying himself.

His recall is great, even around other dogs and people and his mum and dad have done such a great job with his training.


We've been walking Benji for a couple of months now and, after a few group walks in a secure field to work on building our bond and recall, he is now spending every walk "off-lead" on his training line. He's doing so well at staying close to us and loves being a part of the group and playing with his friends. He's still a baby so we are continuing to work on his recall around other dogs (hence the training line) but he breezed through today's walk. Benji's favourite dog to play with is little Rio. He's always first in line for a cuddle and a treat which is just what we like to see!


Abe joined Patch and Tink's family a few months ago and he's fit into our group so well! He's not even two years old yet so still a baby really but he's a pleasure to look after. He is very polite when he plays with the other dogs, and he's respectful of dogs who don't want to play with him too - a little sniff and he's happy!

His favourite dog to play with is Bella the lurcher because they will chase each other and rough and tumble, and have a very similar play style. Abe loves to play games with you like hide and seek and catch the treats, and his happiness is contagious. If anyone is afraid of staffies they should meet Abe!


Beautiful Bella has been with us for two months now and she's a joy to walk. She's very bouncy and excited to be out but she also has great impulse control around other dogs and people - she will always stick with me and the rest of the group. Her favourite friends to play with are Abe and Ebony because she can always tempt them into chasing her! Bella is still a baby too despite her size, she's not quite a year old yet. She has started to get braver near water and will go in all the way up to her elbows now, especially if Ebony is in the water with her for moral support.

I'm very lucky to get to walk all these amazing pups and it's so rewarding seeing them develop and grow in confidence!

Thank you for reading as always,

Molly. X

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